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Programming: Interactive Sudoku Solver

This afternoon, I was taken by a desire to build an automatic solver for Sudoku. Jotting down some notes, I quickly wrote this program. So what does it do and how do you use it? Well...

Programming: Implementing Dawkins' Weasel in Java

It has been reported by various sources that Uncommon Descent is offering a prize (Richard Dawkins' The Greatest Show on Earth or Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell for a public copy of Richard Dawkins' Weasel program as described in one of his other books: The Blind Watchmaker. Now, I would love a copy Dawkins' new book so let's take a stab at it.

A Passing Thought: To Gather All Humanity

Let's say that you built your tower of evil and wanted to gather all humanity at it's base to hear your vile decrees. What distance from your great spire would you need to have free of obstruction for your populace?

Using Idle Time for Calculations

A while back, I was working on using idle time on Microsoft Windows machines to carry out physics calculations. There was a problem though. The calculations are normally carried out under Linux/BSD (*nix platforms). Rather than porting the code, we decided to try using a virtual machine like approach based on this coLinux/Condor project.

Personal: Finally Some Credit

Just a brief personal note: I finally got some credit for existing/working. It's taken quite a while (2+ years), and I was really getting tired of effectively going nowhere. But at last, I get a thank you in this paper from Maris, Vary and Shirokov. I know it's not much, but it has made my day. Now, I guess I should do something to earn some recognition in the ATLAS project.

Example: Gnuplot to Video (Finite Square Well Eigenvalues)

Gnuplot is a simple but powerful graphing tool available on most platforms. True, it is not a replacement for Maple, Mathematica, MATLAB or the like, but it can be quite useful for mass producing graphs, particularly when making them for a video. In this case, I'm going to make a video showing the dependence of eigenvalue function solutions on potential height for the finite square well problem.

Physics Tool: Error Function Value via Command Line

Having reinstalled my computer recently, I haven't gotten around to putting all my software (such as Maple) back on. So when I realized I needed to know the value of the error function at 1.0, I was most annoyed to waste 5 minutes searching the web for it. Deciding that I never want to do that again, I wrote the following rather simple tool.

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